High quality steel posts for panel fences

The high quality Latvian made posts for panel fences. Our product lines we complemented with a well-worked, aesthetically attractive and durable posts. We started production of the posts based on the customers’ demand for high quality and durable posts, such cost-effective and high-quality posts that are appropriately match our 3D panel fence assembly.

Before painting, posts are galvanized inside and outside, which provides long-lasting protection against corrosion. Product range available in four lengths of posts, and their design is based on the customers’ demand.

  • Post diameter: 60 × 40 mm 33
  • Post length: 2000 mm – 3000 mm
  • Zinc coating: ZN 275g per square meter
  • Color: RAL6005 (green) and RAL8017 (brown)
  • Manufacturer: Fence Factory